Is Nano a good crypto?

Nano is a nearly ideal cryptocurrency from a users perspective as it is free of fees, transactions are instantaneous, and it can scale infinitely. The instantaneous transaction time is a dramatic improvement over the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

How does Nano crypto work?

How does Nano work? Like all cryptocurrencies, Nano uses a consensus algorithm to ensure its network of nodes stays in sync to prevent users from breaking its software rules. More specifically, Nano uses a variation of delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) called Open Representative Voting.

Is Nano better than Bitcoin?

With mining removed and slimmed-down transactions, Nano is more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

Is Nano crypto a good investment?

Nano is a good investment because it is scarce with no remaining emission. The most important feature for a nonproductive asset is that it is scarce and retains it quality over time.

Which is better nano or Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has a 10 year track record of rock solid security, nano’s is much shorter. Nano hasnt had to deal with scaling yet, who knows what would happen if as many transactions happened on nano as the bitcoin network. Nano would very likely scale better than BTC with the same volume.

What is the downside to bitcoin?

One of Bitcoin’s biggest drawbacks is a lack of standardized policy for chargebacks or refunds, as all credit card companies and traditional online payment processors have. Users affected by transaction fraud €“ for instance, they purchase goods that the seller never delivers €“ can’t request a refund through Bitcoin.

What happened Nano coin?

Nano has a wiki page Nano lost it’s coin value because of low adoption of cryptocurrencies in general and high volatility. This happened to most of the coins not only nano.

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